OSM Atlantic is located in the Magdalen Islands, Quebec. The archipelago is situated in the Gulf of Saint-Lawrence, in Eastern Canada, the ideal location to develop OSM Atlantic’s potential. Indeed, the maritime transport and cruise lines itinerary make for a valuable geographic position while the Islands is also the home of Hydro Québec’s largest diesel-fired generated station, a hub for developing local expertise on the same engine category.

The creation of Atlantic OSM coincides with the timing to maximize the use of available technologies in order to move to the next level. With the continued support of CTMA, one of the largest transport companies in Eastern Canada who entrust their ships’ diesel engines, OSM Atlantic is a stable, growing company with full potential. The workshop is now part of the landscape of the port of Cap-aux-Meules since December 2015.

Our mission: To provide a fast and accurate repair and machining service in the field of marine mechanics worldwide. We offer this service at sea on the engines that equip commercial vessels, cruises and diesel power plants in all isolated areas of the planet.

Our values 


Respect is achieved by fully considering each individual and each client contributing to our mission as unique, and ensuring an honest relationship at all times with them.


This value guides our actions and solicits the know-how necessary to offer our clients a high-end service. Our concern for a job well done is an integral part of all our actions in the daily development of equipment repair.


Trust is demonstrated by the ability to use one’s skills and to recognize others. It’s the ability to support each other, to be proud to work in a team. 


The service is defined by our way of working and our professionalism. It’s about meeting the needs and creating an environment of trust. This value helps to nurture the sense of belonging.