OSM Atlantic offers several precision machining services for diesel engine parts of large sizes in the workshop and on site. Our precision machining, our speed of execution and our regular follow-ups with clients challenge other businesses of its kind worldwide. Moreover, our over 25 years of experience in engine machining MaK Wartsila and Sulzer is an asset to our expertise. We are well aware that extended halts on such engines generate unreasonable cost, which is why we are here. By choosing OSM Atlantic, you are reducing your downtime costs, while also extending your diesel engine lifespan.

At OSM Atlantic, our mission is to design and operate a range of precision machining engines on the cutting edge of technology. Our expertise focuses on giant engine repair, including at sea, such as diesel engines coupled with generators that equip commercial and cruise ships, as well as thermal power diesel engines generating stations in remote areas of the planet. For all other types of work machining, please contact us and be assured that we will find a solution to meet your needs.