OSM Atlantique is also specialized in the polishing and repair of the main bearings and crankpins on crankshafts. We also repair generator shafts directly on site. Our equipment has been designed to adapt in difficultly accessible areas. Prior to planning a machining or polishing contract, a thorough inspection of the shaft will be performed, followed by a full recommendations report.

We are currently making a new revolutionary portable tool in the industry. This will enable us to machine custom crankshaft crank pins of different diameter on site, between stopovers. We are collaborating with an engineering firm specializing in the integration of industrial robots and process automation. We already have clients waiting for this innovative service. Availability is scheduled September.

Work on crankshaft:

  • Inspecting the visual of the scope
  • Controlling the spacing of the crank arms
  • Checking the shaft’s geometry
  • Taking the shaft’s metal hardness
  • Taking installation records
  • Taking geometric statement
  • Cracking test
  • Producing a detailed recommendations report
  • Machining and polishing the default range with a lower tolerance to 0.03 mm