Outside metallization of cylinder liners

OSM Atlantique is not only a diesel engine machining company. With our research centre, we want to improve your engine’s performance, which means having cylinder liners in good conditions. We extend their lifespan by replicating the grooves through a metallization process with an aluminum-bronze alloy. This combination is ten times more resistant than gray cast iron. Our alloy is Lloyds approved and we guarantee maximum adhesion to the cylinder liner’s composite.

cylinder liners honing

By respecting the manufacturer’s service bulletin, we completely remove the sleeve valve’s wear by refining the round shape. This way, we improve the cylinder’s efficiency. Facilitating the running of the segments, the oil consumption is decreased and the combustion chamber is sealed, resulting in less blow-by. It also extends the cylinder liners lifespan while reducing oil waste due to sealing of the segments.

In our experience, a sleeve valve that has reached 25% of its domestic final rating can last from 30 000 to 40 000 additional hours.